He dreams of touring the world with his metal-band Thunder Switchblade.

Richard’s living room walls are covered in posters from the likes of Metallica and Slayer. A mic and amp are set up the hallway, with a Fender electric guitar leaning against them.

Richard playing drums

His band is called Thunder Switchblade and they play metal music.

“My dream is to be making albums and touring the world,” Richard says.

Richard is feeling positive about his future, but it hasn’t always been this way. He was struggling with his health until AccessAbility worked with him to set up a healthier lifestyle. Regular gym sessions with a support worker and healthy eating education have made a big difference to the way he feels.

“I have a training programme that I do… treadmill, weightlifting, benching and sometimes the exercise bike. My favourite is the treadmill,” he says.

Each week, Richard writes a list and goes grocery shopping. He has support to help him choose healthier foods and has been having cooking lessons too. So far, Richard has learned to make lasagne. He also makes a meal each week with his flatmate, Matt.

The pair are long-time friends and have been flatting together since 2012. They love playing video games and Matt also plays bass in Thunder Switchblade. Their friend Dan is on the drums and they all practice in a room out the back of the flat – one of the reasons they chose it.

Richard at band practice

“Matt found the place and I had some support to set things up. It’s been smooth sailing ever since – enjoying it heaps!” Richard says.

Richard says that life is fantastic for him at the moment and he has some ideas about what he would like to do next. He’s looking at job options where he can explore his love of electronics, music and the outdoors. He’s also planning to get into swimming and go to the gym more often. A first gig for Thunder Switchblade might be on the cards soon too!

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