He's a master baker and an animal lover who enjoys contributing to his church and community.

Kevin preparing biscuits for the ovenKevin bakes al fresco on the deck, pressing down chocolate chip cookies with a fork. Monday is baking day and with 50 hungry mouths to feed at his local church youth group, it keeps him very busy. Contributing to his church and his local community is important to Kevin.

Since AccessAbility introduced Kevin and his family to Individualised Funding (IF) and Funded Family Care, he has been able to do more of what he loves, while being supported by people of his choice. Kevin also works with CCS Disability Action, which employs some of his support workers.

“We are totally in control of Kevin’s support. It has opened up so many different things that I would never have dreamt of,” Kevin’s Mum Helen says.

Kevin gets together with the young adults group at his church twice a week for a meal and some fun. He’s also raising money for a new church by collecting pinecones.

tVolunteering is a big part of Kevin’s life. He has a role at the Dunedin Botanic Garden, packing duck food for families to use. His love of animals has also led to a voluntary role at the local veterinary clinic.

Kevin has a natural affinity with animals and spends a lot of time with his dog Kong. They are members of the local Kennel Club and take part in dog agility classes.

Kevin does some paid work too, with a twice-weekly paper run. The hilly streets around his home are the perfect place to keep fit – another of Kevin’s passions. He goes to the gym and has swimming lessons as well.

Like many people in their early 20s, Kevin is furthering his education. He has four literacy sessions a week to improve his communication skills. He also enjoys music jam sessions.

Kevin’s interests continue to grow and he and his family have big dreams for his future. His literacy classes are expanding into group sessions; there is the potential for a window cleaning business at the new church; and Kevin is planning to bake with his nieces and nephews to connect more with his wider family.

“We have total flexibility with Kevin’s support and the difference in his life is enormous. It’s like a completely different planet. It enables Kevin to just live his life and helps to set him up for the future,” Helen says.

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