Jenny (LAC)

Jenny Hogg is AccessAbility's Local Area Coordinator for Southland, based in Invercargill.

Being a Local Area Coordinator is Jenny’s dream job. Jenny is also the LAC Teamleader. Local Area Coordinator Jenny

With more than 20 years’ experience in disability and health, Jenny has done a bit of everything. She’s been a home support worker; a service coordinator; and worked in a residential service. She also has experience in mental health and aged-care.

Now an LAC, Jenny feels she is in a role where she can build long-lasting relationships and go the extra mile to make a difference in people’s lives.

“It’s a role where I can get together with people, share ideas, plant seeds and then they can go off and grow those ideas themselves.”

Being connected with your community is a big part of being an LAC and Jenny is a true Invercargill local.

“I was born here and I always know someone who knows someone.”

Jenny has a very open-minded approach. She has spent time with people from all walks of life, particularly during her yearly trips overseas.

“I love finding out what makes people tick and experiencing how they live.”

Jenny’s not only passionate about helping others with their plans for a good life, she’s working on her own goals too.

In her spare time you might find Jenny practising for her swimming laps at the local pool, or in her garden.

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